Manufacturer Starlane

Starlane CORSARO S

GPS Laptimer & Datenlogger with touchscreen
449,95 € incl tax
Delivery time: 2-5 working days

completely new generation of the lap timer / data logger as a tool for time and data acquisition
large color screen you visualize color important information such as critical temperatures or speeds
Operating through a glove fit for touchscreen
Internal high-performance battery provides you a fast reacting to other vehicles
TWIN internal GPS, consisting of the American "GPS" and the Russian "GLONASS". Thus, not only your lap time is measured more accurately but also your recorded line will be logged and accurately even in difficult geographical conditions is always careful of sufficient satellite coverage.
To the speed, gear position indicator, throttle or even another analog sensor, such as To display tire temperature or the signal of a traction control system, you need one of the wireless data logger optional offered z. B. the logger module WID A-PRO / WID A XS.
SGB ​​mode. When Starlane GPS Boost mode, the Corsaro remains even when switched off in standby mode to the satellites, so that data transmission and positioning of the Corsaro remains. The GPS typical "warm start" in which the device detects its own position and stores falls away. The Corsaro can therefore be used immediately after the start. Vote this option for drivers who are housed in the box, or difficult terrain is the satellite limits. The SGB mode automatically switches itself off after 24 hours if the lap timer Corsaro has not been used. A discharge of the board battery is thus excluded.

Technical details:

10 Hz. GPS + GLONASS-detection system with aviation algorithms
Automatic finish line and intermediate positioning function in the "no manual mode" (SAFD2)
Calculation of the achievable Ideal Time
Calculation and display of 3 Intermediates
Digital speed display *
GPS Speedometer
Gear indicator *
Water temperature indicator *
Display exhaust gas temperature 1000 ° C *
Adjustable temperature alarm (water and telecommunications) *
Display max. Speed ​​display = 32000 rev / min *
Display max. Speed ​​= 350 km / h
Adjustable sensing flash *
Adjustable number of pulses per RPM *
Double hour counter for engine maintenance
Bluetooth 4.0 Data Download
Memory of 999 laps that can be administered in 99 sessions
Storage of max. RPM and speed values ​​for each lap
Speedometer in km / h or mph
Adjustable switch-off functions
Adjustable energy saving functions
Adjustable main screen (multi-page display)
Monochrome display 400x220 with touch screen (operated with gloves)
IP 67
Dimensions: width 95 mm - Height 61 mm - Depth 19.5 mm - Weight 95 g
Supply: lithium battery or external 12V battery vehicle
DigiRace-MMX software available for download
Intended use: Auto - Motorcycle - Scooter - Kart - ATV

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